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Téhéran / Iran
Représenté par Mojtaba Abdoulrahimkhan /

3e Prix Photo - RDV•I 2018
Directeur artistique : Paolo WOODS

Angels burned
Somayeh Mehry (30) and Rana Afghanipour (4) are mother and daughter living in a village called Hemet Abad located in Bam, a city in the south of Iran. They were attacked with acid by Somayeh’s husband Amir. Samayeh is of ten times being beaten up by her husband and imprisoned in a room. Finally, samayeh asked her husband or a divorce because of her husband's violent behavior. Amir, somayeh's husband threatened his wife in case that she files for divorce, he would ruin her life, destroy her life and stop her from stepping outside her house ever again. One night in June 2011, he poured acid on Somayeh and Rana as they slept. Somayeh’s and Rana’s faces, hands, and, in places, their bodies were severely burned. Somayeh was blinded, and Rana lost one of her eyes. somayeh and her two daughters Rana, 4 years of age and Nazanin, 7 years of age have been living in her father's house since the acide throwing incident.
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